Gana CH


(New generation of Dermal filler with Calcium hydroxyapatite + Cross linked Hyaluronic acid gel)

Specification of GANA CH

1. Long lasting about 2 years.
2. Collagen formation by Calcium Hydroxyapatite.
3. Immediate correction available with Hyaluronidase
1ml * 1ea




New Generation Calcium Filler – Calcium 5% + HA Filler

Existed Calcium Filler is made in calcium 5% + HA Filler. So CMC is used for Carrier. Treatment parts become swollen because CMC absorb moisture. So almost 50% of volume will be disappeared within 1 week after treatment.

And existed calcium filler can’t be removed and modified.

GANA Ch is made for supplement existed calcium filler’s weak points.

* Much longer Duration because of Calucium ingredient.
* Easy to make shape on injection.
* In the case of nose treatment, the shape keep well than existed HA filler. * The lower initial swelling by the absence of carboxy methyl cellulose
* The lower pain by additional lidocaine 3mg/cc
* The immediate correction and removal is possible by hyaluronidase.

( Only 5% is calcium ingredient and balance 95% is cross linked HA) * Injected calcium hydroxypatite induce collagen synthesis.

So that the duration of GANA CH is much longer than HA fillers * Newly formed collagen prohibit the migration of GANA CH.

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