Philos Deep with Lidocaine


Cross-linked hyaluronic acid filler with UTW Needle

Highly Cross-linked HA with Unique Tehnology

Highly Consistent-Monophasic Product

-Regular & Dense Molecule Structure

High Viscosity enables Long-Lasting by Solid Support



Philos Deep Plus is a new generation of dermal filler, it has a non-animal base and hyaluronic acid origins. The molecules of the hyaluronic acid have been obtained through a new and innovative technology of Philos 4D-matrix. This technology precisely works to remove skin defects by promoting skin resistance under stress, thereby increasing the facelift skin effect.

How does it work?

The filler is introduced through a special sharpened needle that prevents any feeling of fullness on the puncture site. Through the 4D-matrix technology, the drug settles as a spatial long chain of hyaluronic acid which allows prolonged life-span of the drug. Some of its uses are

· Hyaluronic acid works to maintain the structure of the tone and for of the skin cells as well increasing their activity.

· By acting as dermal filler, it also counteracts against any bacteria or infections in the skin.

· Subcutaneous gel fills the void of wrinkles, folds, and lining skin defects while preventing skin compression load.

High Purity Hyaluronic Acid


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