Plaxpot Treatment


1. Tattoo Removal
2. Wrinkles Removal
3. Non-surgical blepharoplasty
4. Acne Treatment
5. Freckle Treatment
6. Milia & Syringoma
7. Dental Treatment




Please following this precaution below for your safety use after understand the contents of this manual. These precautions are general and refer to the corresponding pages for additional precaution on operation and usage.
– When using packaged sterile disposable products such as needles, please make

sure that the packaging is damaged, Do not use.
– Do not use or leave it near fire.
– Do not disassemble or modify the product.
– Do not touch or handle the body and charger with wet hands
– When attaching the needle to the syringe mounted on the body, be careful not

to get stung or damage the needle.
– The needles are disposable and should never be reused.
– If you move from a cool outside to a warm inside, sudden changes in

temperature can cause condensation that can form water droplets. In this case, please adjust the temperature for a sufficient time indoors and use after the condensation does not occur or disappear.

– Be careful that the injection solution does not flow into the instrument. If flow into the inside of the instrument can be damaged motor and internal components.

– Do not use excessive force on the buttons, motor, and charging terminals of the product. It may cause damage or breakdown.

– If the syringe holder and the coupler are screwed together with chemicals or other foreign matter, it may be difficult to join and detach. Be careful not to get any drugs or foreign matter on the screw connection part. If it is burnt, wipe it off with alcohol immediately.

– If the product is dropped or damaged by an external shock, do not use it, only the case of operating well before use.

– Always keep a stable grip when using so that you do not drop the body during the injection

– Never wash with water. Warranty does not apply in case of failure due to flooding.

– When charging, be sure to use the dedicated charging cradle and dedicated charger. Using a other charger or adapter than the charger may damage the unit.

– Do not connect the charging terminal on the back of the main unit to the USB terminal of general computer or electronic products. The charging terminal of this unit can be connected only to the dedicated charging cradle.


• This product is guaranteed for one year from the date of purchase.
• If it is difficult to confirm the warranty period, the warranty period will beapplied from the date three months after the date of manufacture.
• We will repair or replace the defective product in accordance with the condition. • Damage caused by user’s negligence will not be covered by warranty even if it iswithin the warranty period.
• Repairs other than designated service centers are not covered by the warranty. • The service period will not be extended after repair or repair.

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