S-DNA 0.2% (Sodium DNA 2mgl/ml) 1ml


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S-DNA / PN-CELL PDRN injection

The effects of S-DNA 

S-DNA induces tissue regeneration and healing properties for damaged skin cells, from the
epidermis through to the deep dermis for a lasting effect. As a result, S-DNA enhances the skin’s protective barriers to keep your skin natural, healthy and firm.

Treatment process:

The maximum effect of S-DNA is expected in 3~4 sessions, 2~3 weeks apart.

After 3~5 days of treatment application, skin will feel soft and revitalized.
After 2~4 weeks of treatment application, skin elasticity will improve and fine wrinkles lifted.
After 4-6 weeks of treatment application, skin volume is enhanced along with lifting effects.

Recommended use:

When S-DNA is used in conjunction with ‘Cutegel (Hyaluronic Acid filler for skin hydration)’ or ‘Nefer TITI solution (Functional cosmetic for whitening effect and reducing facial wrinkles)’ it will boost the overall effectiveness of the product.

Applicable areas:

Facial fine wrinkles / neck wrinkles / back of one’s hand

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